July 19th Birthdays

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July 19th, 1990 (July 19 1990)BirthSteven Anthony Lawrence, American actor
July 19th, 1984 (July 19 1984)BirthLasse Gjertsen, Norweigan animator
July 19th, 1984 (July 19 1984)BirthAlessandra De Rossi, Filipino actress
July 19th, 1984 (July 19 1984)BirthAdam Morrison, American basketball player
July 19th, 1984 (July 19 1984)BirthLewis Price, Welsh footballer
July 19th, 1982 (July 19 1982)BirthJared Padalecki, American actor
July 19th, 1982 (July 19 1982)BirthStuart Parnaby, English footballer
July 19th, 1982 (July 19 1982)BirthJess Vanstrattan, Australian footballer
July 19th, 1981 (July 19 1981)BirthDidz Hammond, bassist/backing vocalist (Dirty Pretty Things and The Cooper Temple Clause)
July 19th, 1981 (July 19 1981)BirthJimmy Gobble, American baseball player
July 19th, 1981 (July 19 1981)BirthAnderson Luiz de Carvalho, Brazilian footballer
July 19th, 1981 (July 19 1981)BirthNikki Osborne, Australian actress
July 19th, 1980 (July 19 1980)BirthGiorgio Mondini, Italian racing driver
July 19th, 1980 (July 19 1980)BirthXavier Malisse, Belgian tennis player
July 19th, 1980 (July 19 1980)BirthMark Webber, American actor
July 19th, 1979 (July 19 1979)BirthLuke Young, English footballer
July 19th, 1979 (July 19 1979)BirthRick Ankiel, Baseball pitcher/ outfielder
July 19th, 1978 (July 19 1978)BirthNene, Brazilian footballer
July 19th, 1977 (July 19 1977)BirthEd Smith, English cricketer
July 19th, 1977 (July 19 1977)BirthCharles John Spencer, American professional wrestler
July 19th, 1977 (July 19 1977)BirthHaitham Mustafa, Sudanese footballer
July 19th, 1977 (July 19 1977)BirthJean-Sebastien Aubin, Canadian ice hockey goaltender
July 19th, 1976 (July 19 1976)BirthVinessa Shaw, American actress
July 19th, 1974 (July 19 1974)BirthPreston Wilson, baseball player
July 19th, 1973 (July 19 1973)BirthMartin Powell, English musician (Cradle of Filth)
July 19th, 1973 (July 19 1973)BirthSaid Taghmaoui, French actor
July 19th, 1973 (July 19 1973)BirthScott Walker, Canadian hockey player
July 19th, 1972 (July 19 1972)BirthNaohito Fujiki, Japanese actor and singer
July 19th, 1971 (July 19 1971)BirthRussell Allen, American musician (Symphony X)
July 19th, 1971 (July 19 1971)BirthUrs Buhler, Swiss tenor (Il Divo)
July 19th, 1971 (July 19 1971)BirthVitali Klitschko, Ukrainian boxer
July 19th, 1968 (July 19 1968)BirthRobert Flynn, American musician (Machine Head)
July 19th, 1968 (July 19 1968)BirthJim Norton, American comedian and radio personality (The Opie and Anthony Show)
July 19th, 1967 (July 19 1967)BirthYael Abecassis, Israeli actress and model
July 19th, 1966 (July 19 1966)BirthNancy Walls, American actress
July 19th, 1966 (July 19 1966)BirthDavid Segui, American baseball player
July 19th, 1965 (July 19 1965)BirthStuart Scott, American sportscaster
July 19th, 1964 (July 19 1964)BirthAndre A. Jackson, founder African Diamond Producers Association
July 19th, 1964 (July 19 1964)BirthMasahiko Kondo, Japanese singer, actor and racing driver
July 19th, 1963 (July 19 1963)BirthGarth Nix, Australian author
July 19th, 1962 (July 19 1962)BirthAnthony Edwards, American actor
July 19th, 1961 (July 19 1961)BirthMaria Filatova, Soviet gymnast
July 19th, 1961 (July 19 1961)BirthHideo Nakata, Japanese film director
July 19th, 1961 (July 19 1961)BirthCampbell Scott, American actor
July 19th, 1961 (July 19 1961)BirthBenoit Mariage, Belgian film director
July 19th, 1960 (July 19 1960)BirthAtom Egoyan, Canadian filmmaker
July 19th, 1958 (July 19 1958)BirthReuben Kane, American professional wrestler
July 19th, 1958 (July 19 1958)BirthDavid Robertson, American symphony orchestra conductor
July 19th, 1956 (July 19 1956)BirthNikki Sudden, English musician (died in 2006)
July 19th, 1954 (July 19 1954)BirthSrda Trifkovic, Serbian-American journalist
July 19th, 1952 (July 19 1952)BirthAllen Collins, American musician (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (died in 1990)
July 19th, 1952 (July 19 1952)BirthRobert A. Ficano, American politician
July 19th, 1952 (July 19 1952)BirthJohn Griesheimer, American politician
July 19th, 1951 (July 19 1951)BirthAbel Ferrara, American filmmake
July 19th, 1951 (July 19 1951)BirthJayson Stark, American sportswriter
July 19th, 1950 (July 19 1950)BirthPer-Kristian Foss, Norwegian Minister of Finance
July 19th, 1950 (July 19 1950)BirthFreddy Moore, American songwriter
July 19th, 1949 (July 19 1949)BirthIvar Kants, Australian actor
July 19th, 1948 (July 19 1948)BirthBeverly Archer, American actress
July 19th, 1948 (July 19 1948)BirthKeith Godchaux, American musician (Grateful Dead) (died in 1980)
July 19th, 1947 (July 19 1947)BirthHans-Jurgen Kreische, East German footballer
July 19th, 1947 (July 19 1947)BirthBernie Leadon, American musician (The Eagles)
July 19th, 1947 (July 19 1947)BirthBrian May, English musician (Queen)
July 19th, 1946 (July 19 1946)BirthAlan Gorrie, Scottish musician (Average White Band)
July 19th, 1946 (July 19 1946)BirthIlie Nastase, Romanian tennis player
July 19th, 1941 (July 19 1941)BirthVikki Carr, American singer
July 19th, 1941 (July 19 1941)BirthNeelie Kroes, Dutch EU Commissioner for Competition
July 19th, 1938 (July 19 1938)BirthJayant Narlikar, Indian astrophysicist
July 19th, 1938 (July 19 1938)BirthNicholas Bethell, British historian (died in 2007)
July 19th, 1938 (July 19 1938)BirthRichard Jordan, American actor (died in 1993)
July 19th, 1937 (July 19 1937)BirthGeorge Hamilton IV, American country singer
July 19th, 1935 (July 19 1935)BirthVasily Livanov, Russian and Soviet film actor
July 19th, 1934 (July 19 1934)BirthFrancisco Sa Carneiro, Prime Minister of Portugal (died in 1980)
July 19th, 1926 (July 19 1926)BirthHelen Gallagher, American actress Gallagher Quotes
July 19th, 1925 (July 19 1925)BirthSue Thompson, American pop and country music singer
July 19th, 1924 (July 19 1924)BirthStanley K. Hathaway, American politician (died in 2005)
July 19th, 1924 (July 19 1924)BirthPat Hingle, American actor
July 19th, 1923 (July 19 1923)BirthWilliam A. Rusher, American columnist
July 19th, 1922 (July 19 1922)BirthHarold Camping, American evangelist, founder of Family Radio
July 19th, 1922 (July 19 1922)BirthGeorge McGovern, American politician
July 19th, 1921 (July 19 1921)BirthRosalyn Yalow, American physicist, Nobel laureate
July 19th, 1919 (July 19 1919)BirthMiltos Sachtouris, Greek poet (died in 2005)
July 19th, 1917 (July 19 1917)BirthWilliam Scranton, American politician
July 19th, 1914 (July 19 1914)BirthMarius Russo, baseball player (died in 2005)
July 19th, 1912 (July 19 1912)BirthNorman Carr, British conservationist (born in 1997)
July 19th, 1904 (July 19 1904)BirthRobert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, Last Lincoln descendant (d.1985)
July 19th, 1898 (July 19 1898)BirthHerbert Marcuse, German-born philosopher (died in 1979) Philo Quotes
July 19th, 1896 (July 19 1896)BirthA. J. Cronin, Scottish writer (died in 1981)
July 19th, 1896 (July 19 1896)BirthBob Meusel, American baseball player (died in 1977)
July 19th, 1895 (July 19 1895)BirthXu Beihong, Chinese painter (died in 1953)
July 19th, 1894 (July 19 1894)BirthKhawaja Nazimuddin, 2nd Prime Minister of Pakistan (died in 1965)
July 19th, 1894 (July 19 1894)BirthAleksandr Yakovlevich Khinchin, Russian mathematician (died in 1959)
July 19th, 1893 (July 19 1893)BirthVladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet (died in 1930)
July 19th, 1892 (July 19 1892)BirthDick Irvin, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (died in 1957)
July 19th, 1883 (July 19 1883)BirthMax Fleischer, Austrian animator and film producer (died in 1972)
July 19th, 1877 (July 19 1877)BirthArthur Fielder, English cricketer (died in 1949)
July 19th, 1876 (July 19 1876)BirthJoseph Fielding Smith, 10th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (died in 1972)Joseph Smith Quotes
July 19th, 1865 (July 19 1865)BirthCharles Horace Mayo, American surgeon and founder of the Mayo Clinic (died in 1939) Horace Quotes
July 19th, 1860 (July 19 1860)BirthLizzie Borden, American accused murderer (died in 1927)
July 19th, 1834 (July 19 1834)BirthEdgar Degas, French painter (died in 1917)Edgar Degas Quotes
July 19th, 1827 (July 19 1827)BirthMangal Pandey, Indian freedom fighter (died in 1857)
July 19th, 1822 (July 19 1822)BirthAugusta of Cambridge, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (died in 1916)
July 19th, 1819 (July 19 1819)BirthGottfried Keller, Swiss writer (died in 1890)
July 19th, 1814 (July 19 1814)BirthSamuel Colt, American firearms inventor (died in 1862)
July 19th, 1800 (July 19 1800)BirthJuan Jose Flores, military and first president of Ecuador (died in 1864)
July 19th, 1789 (July 19 1789)BirthJohn Martin, English painter (died in 1854)John Martin Quotes
July 19th, 1759 (July 19 1759)BirthSeraphim of Sarov, Russian Orthodox Saint (died in 1833)
July 19th, 1744 (July 19 1744)BirthHeinrich Christian Boie, German author (died in 1806)
July 19th, 1688 (July 19 1688)BirthGiuseppe Castiglione, Italian missionary to China (died in 1766)
July 19th, 1670 (July 19 1670)BirthRichard Leveridge, English bass and composer (died in 1758)

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